Does Dermawand Really Work

Do you want younger looking skin? Do you want skin that looks healthy and radiant that seems to glow? Well, there is a device on the market that claims it can give individuals just that young healthy glowing skin. This is, of course, Dermawand the innovative little device that uses a form of radio-frequency technology that creates tiny pulsating electric charges into the skin. Basically, massaging the skin to help increase collagen. But does Dermawand really work as effectively as claimed? Turns out the reviews on the product are a bit mixed but many seem to agree when reading reviews that it comes down to how the machine is used.

Getting the Best Results from Dermawand

When reading the instructions and those who have followed these to the letter there is a proper way that Dermawand can give best results. The best time to use it is right after cleansing, but make sure that the face is properly dried first. A thing to remember that at first the feel of Dermawand against the skin may feel odd. There could be somewhat of a pulling or a tingling sensation. This seems to be one of the common complaints of the machine in general, but after using Dermawand over time a person could adjust to this feeling, and might not even notice it at all. Now for those who aren't sure they want to even experience this sensation even at the beginning, there is a pre-treatment gel that can be used to help eliminate some of this feeling. Another thing to keep in mind Dermawand isn't a miracle anti-aging wand. After the first use doesn't expect to see a noticeable difference. The benefits to the skin will start to show over time according to testimonials, but the important thing is how the skin feels.

Cost of Dermawand

The Dermawand can cost well over a hundred dollars even on websites that seem to offer deals. But keep in mind just how much a facial can cost especially one that involves removing the top skin layer, these can be very costly. So, in the long run, the investment of a Derma Wand to restore health and vitality to one's skin could be worth it.